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Re: Lisp anime video

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Lisp anime video
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2021 16:46:04 +0200
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tomas wrote:

> That said, and jokes aside, the list srtucture (i.e.
> something consisting of head (a thing) and tail (a list of
> things, possibly empty), born in Lisp land, has established
> itself throughout many influential programming languages
> (Prolog, Haskell), although they don't tell you how it's
> implemented (Prolog) or prudishly hide it behind some ADT
> academic talk (Haskell).

Yeah, head and tail I get, that is more related to the list
data structure and if you have that in any language then that
language should have the basic operators on that, of course.

So maybe it is that simple, not only does Lisp have a list,
Lisp is all about lists (the list processor) so then every
type of getter and setter and manipulator one could think of
were added?

And not that people were handling huge and complicated nested
data structures? Which sounds very impractical and error prone?
Only they were so skilled it still worked? With `car', `cdr',
and, literally, 28 combinations?

Or what is the reason?


I never understood that, well, in general, but specifically,
what are "patterns and metapatterns" and how/when is it that
"we" use those?

underground experts united

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