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Re: unable to map C-_ to undo in wsl ubuntu emacs

From: Sivaram Neelakantan
Subject: Re: unable to map C-_ to undo in wsl ubuntu emacs
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 22:59:29 +0530
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/27.2 (windows-nt)

On Mon, Sep 06 2021,Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>> From: Sivaram Neelakantan <>
>> Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 18:39:37 +0530
>> User-Mail-Address:
>> I've got Emacs-27.2 running in Emacs -nw and when I do C-_, I get RET
>> which I confirmed by C-h k "RET runs the command newline (found in
>> global-map)... compiled lisp function in 'simple.el'"
> What terminal emulator are you using?  Does that terminal emulator
> have some settings, where perhaps you can configure what it sends
> given a certain control key?

This is on MS windows terminal from app store and the settings.json
has this url and am
reproducing the actions settngs alone of settings.json.  I searched
for _ as well as underscore and couldn't see anything that would help
in identifying the issue in the url above.

                "action": "copy",
                "singleLine": false
            "keys": "ctrl+c"
            "command": "find",
            "keys": "ctrl+shift+f"
            "command": "paste",
            "keys": "ctrl+v"
                "action": "splitPane",
                "split": "auto",
                "splitMode": "duplicate"
            "keys": "alt+shift+d"


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