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Re: In search for an emacs hacker

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: In search for an emacs hacker
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 19:17:19 +0000
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I more or less wanted to do this same idea to have an 'all-in'one' Emacs 
variant, but for tech support jobs: ex: Having Zendesk, JIRA, work email, all 
in Emacs.

Unfortunately, the only easiest thing I ever got working was Slack in Emacs 
since the API is so ridiculously easy to get working. Everything else depends 
upon an instance having an API key open which is rarely the case by most admins 
at workplaces. Understandable on their ends since its an admin risk, but it 
forces me to just use meh, proprietary apps. Work email, aka O365 email in most 
places? Good luck, its always some stupidly obscure blog post that is hard to 
just make work (and yes, I know about the Davmail workaround).

However, if anyone has any ideas for careers in which I can use Emacs all day, 
every day, I'm all ears. I've got my todo list for work pretty good, and 
tweaked up, but I'm sick of being the only one at work that even fathoms using 
Emacs over Vim.

I've been debating getting into Data Science to do more Python work since I'm 
pretty sure you can do R in an R shell and produce the visualizations in Org 
Mode too.

Anyway, open to hear suggestions, thanks.



On Mon, Sep 6, 2021, at 7:09 PM, Arthur Miller wrote:
> Vitus Schäfftlein <> writes:
> > Hey, folks!
> >
> > tl;dr looking to hire an emacs hacker who helps me change emacs to make it 
> > work
> > for academics.
> Have you tried Scimax?
> It is done by an academic (John Kitchin) for use in science. It runs well on
> Windows and maybe already does what you need?
> > Is there an emacs hacker out here who is convinced that emacs should be 
> > used by
> > academics, too, and who wants to support this cause while earning some 
> > money on
> > the way? If so, please get in touch with me!
> I think that all Emacs hackers are convinced that Emacs should work for
> academics and for everyone else for that matter.
> If you find functions that does not work as expected, than repport bugs. That
> will definitely help develop Emacs.
> Also use this list and r/Emacs (Emacs on Reddit) and ask for help about tasks
> you are doing. The more you do yourself the more you will learn.
> If you would like to hire someone than sure post on or on
> r/Emacs, I am sure someone will help you.
> It will probably help if you post the problem you would like solved first.
> best regards

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