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Re: S-TAB, <S-tab>, and <backtab>

From: Hongyi Zhao
Subject: Re: S-TAB, <S-tab>, and <backtab>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 08:13:33 +0800

On Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 6:54 PM Eric S Fraga <> wrote:
> On Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021 at 18:16, Hongyi Zhao wrote:
> >    ("<S-tab>" . company-select-previous)
> Untested by this would normally be "S-<tab>" as the S is the modifier
> and <tab> the key.

Based on my tries, both "<S-tab>" and "S-<tab>" don't work. Both of
these forms have been mentioned in the "Angle-Bracket Notation" of the
emacswiki [1]:

Modifier keys that are part of a key sequence that contains a pseudo
key are sometimes written inside the angle brackets: `<S-tab>’,
`<C-insert>’. And sometimes they are written outside: `S-<tab>’,


Best Regards
Assoc. Prof. Hongyi Zhao <>
Theory and Simulation of Materials
Hebei Vocational University of Technology and Engineering
No. 473, Quannan West Street, Xindu District, Xingtai, Hebei province

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