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Re: The meaming of ERC used in commit message.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: The meaming of ERC used in commit message.
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 05:54:12 +0200
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Herbert J. Skuhra wrote:

> ERC is a powerful

That's true:

I like ERC almost as much as I like Gnus. But while Gnus is
necessary for my purposes, or "style" maybe I should say ...
ERC is more a fun thing rather, actually often too much fun so
you get less productive, not more.

But Gnus is also like that, sometimes.

But by all means sometimes for a question that you know there
is a short/fast answer to - yet you can't find it in the docs
or by Googling, strange - without skipping that step just can
just ask on #emacs, #tmux, #yadayada and get it in 1s.

If you know some software well you are encouraged to join such
a/the corresponding channel to share the wealth.
Using ERC, maybe?

> modular, and extensible

That's true:

I came up with another little modularity scheme here BTW,
I put all the settings in one file (erc-incal.el) and then all
the other files are "extension" and not customization (option
settings), so hopefully this will work transparently for me
since all the files are just loaded anyway but for anyone else
it - well, for me personally it would be much more
interesting/pleasant to just browse the new stuff without
having to wade thru trivial settings intermingled
with everything.

- ikr?

underground experts united

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