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Have to run redraw-display manually

From: Cos Chan
Subject: Have to run redraw-display manually
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:06:45 +0200

Dear All

I have a problem while using zsh 5.7.1 and GNU Emacs 26.1. The Emacs is
none X.
I have the same problem in Debian 10, 11 and FreeBSD 12, 13. I assume it is
not an OS related problem.

The problem is moving point by M-b/M-f/C-up/C-down or kill words/line, the
display would be wrong.
The point or the characters would be in the wrong places until I manually
run M-x redraw-display to get it back.

I can easily reproduce this problem in zsh, which is gone while the shell
is switched to tcsh.

Cos Chan

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