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Re: The function naming convention used by Emacs.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: The function naming convention used by Emacs.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2021 15:34:28 +0200
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Hongyi Zhao wrote:

>> Other than that do this
>> (require 'checkdoc)
>> (setq checkdoc-permit-comma-termination-flag t)
>> (defun check-package-style ()
>>   (interactive)
>>   (let ((msg "Style check..."))
>>     (message msg)
>>     (checkdoc-current-buffer t) ; TAKE-NOTES
>>     (message "%sdone" msg) ))
>> (defalias 'check-style #'check-package-style)
> Do you mean and suggest adding the above code snippets into
> the init file?

Yes, if you will. And use it on your code.

>> and do byte-compile for more pointers ...
> I now use the `--with-native-compilation' option to
> configure Emacs for compilation. So, the thing you mentioned
> above should have been done automatically by Emacs.

Byte-compile your code after you've written it. Do it again
when you change it. Byte-compiling makes it faster to load and
run, that's the reason to do it. But as a positive
side-effect, the byte-compiler will also output errors and
warnings - so it is a tool to improve you code as well.

Do a Makefile and shell alias to it to run it, so you can
byte-compile fast in terms of the mere interface, but also so
that files you didn't change and have already byte-compiled
will not be byte-compiled again.

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