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Re: [External] : How to create a higher order function?

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: [External] : How to create a higher order function?
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 12:10:11 +0200
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On 2021-09-26, at 01:48, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs text 
editor <> wrote:

> Marcin Borkowski wrote:
>>>> RMS's arguments are specifically for users of an editing
>>>> environment such as Emacs. They go beyond the general
>>>> arguments for providing dynamic binding (in addition to
>>>> lexical) in Lisp.
>>> Again, if it is the options argument I agree that's a good
>>> method to do it however I would formulate that as "we
>>> implement options by way of global variables", I don't see
>>> how dynamic/special vs static/lexical really applies?
>> IIUC, if these (global) variables were lexically bound, the
>> whole idea wouldn't work.
> Global variables are present in many languages that do not
> mention dynamic/special vs static/lexical.
>> Global/local has nothing to do with it.
> If they were local, how would people set them? Also if they
> were local, how would developers add e.g. another function
> that used them?

Again: of course they couldn't be local.  But if they were global
static, the whole "option setting" wouldn't work.  Simple as that.  If
you want to see for yourself, create a lexically bound global "option"
and try to make it work.


Marcin Borkowski

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