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Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to num

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to numbers in Eshell?
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2021 10:16:16 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

> Similarly, Emacs offers to write all kinds of documents, not
> as visual maybe, but one can do so much. It is integrated
> with `make' system, with Markdown, with all kinds of
> programming languages, compiling, building, LaTex
> conversions, all kinds of modes, Dired and remote Tramp
> connections, in general Emacs is integrated very well.

But also Gnus, ERC, you name it. The level of integration and
the uniform configuration/extension method (Elisp) is why
I started to use it.

Also it allows you to be a programmer every day without having
to have a huge project, which is nice.

Huge projects are also nice but more difficult and even if you
succeed how often will you, or anyone else, use them? But what
you do with Elisp you use every day and some of it is used
around the world, even. So it is, or can be if you are lucky,
Caramelldansen all over :)

> Dired is great. Though there is no automatic integration
> with the system. Imagine directories in Dired, and you have
> 5 other different file managers.

You mean integrate other pieces of software with Emacs?
I think "the Emacs school of integration" is rather to
identify good ideas and implement them _in_ Emacs, not between
Emacs and that other piece of software ...

> Writing letters is related to people, but where is central
> people management? It does not exist.

It does, use 'alias' in ~/.mailrc ...

> Right. Gnus. We are all disparate. Integration nowhere.

Gnus is part of Emacs so that is 100% integrated if you will.
If you intent to use Emacs as an interface to non-Emacs
software that level of integration seems indeed like a lot of
work I don't envy you ...

underground experts united

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