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Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to num

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to numbers in Eshell?
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 13:22:11 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

>>> Yes. As compared to other software Emacs offers
>>> opportunity to integrate many features in one place.
>>> It helps user operate computer easier. Though it goes
>>> through peculiar Emacs way as compared to other software.
>> Or other software is peculiar compared to Emacs, Emacs is
>> from 1976.
> It still remains in old times. We have modern times,
> new needs.
> Example is "recent files" integration:
> - Open "pluma" editor, it will offer "Recent files", related
>   to other editors and software which opened "recent files"
> - "Gedit" will offer "Recent files" and will see recent
>   files opened by "pluma" and other software
> - Emacs does not see recent files opened by other editors,
>   but it should. Integration in operating systems is there,
>   provisioned, prepared, but we don't have it. [...]

Instead of complaining about all and everything you should
either start implementing these features yourself (if they
aren't anywhere to be found already) _or_ you should give up
the idea of brining in zillions of clueless smartphone users
into the Emacs realm. Because I don't think that would ever
happen even _if_ Emacs had everything you are telling us it
doesn't have.

> Example are Emacs email clients, each so much different to
> each other and none of them really ready for end users, none
> may be compared to Evolution or Thunderbird for example.

On the contrary, this is one area that we, with Gnus, is on
top of things.

> Old fashioned, hard to use. I use it all time, but my
> personal satisfaction is far from what a modern user in year
> 2021 can handle.

You do?

> Computing enthusiasm is not there any more, it drives me,
> but not the people around me [...]

Again what does it matter what other people do? If they are
happy using smartphones, so be it.

underground experts united

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