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Re: When is a syntax-propertize-function called when parse-sexp-lookup-p

From: Pierre Rouleau
Subject: Re: When is a syntax-propertize-function called when parse-sexp-lookup-properties is t for a current buffer?
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 11:36:32 -0400

> `setq-local` at the toplevel makes no sense.
> Is it really the code you're using, or are you paraphrasing?
> Sorry. I did not provide enough context.

That code is not at top-level; it is being called by the erlang-mode
At the moment I placed it right inside my local copy of the erlang.el
`erlang-electric-init' which gets called by what is defined by a
(define-derived-mode erlang-mode) form.

I won't leave that code there once I understand the behaviour.
I'm just modifying my local copy of erlang.el to
1) understand that code better
2) eliminate as many external sources of disruption while I investigate.

BTW, I'm trying to get it working on Emacs >= 26.1 if this matters.


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