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Re: Workshop to save M$ Windows users - help needed

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Workshop to save M$ Windows users - help needed
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:10:43 +0200
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Eduardo Ochs wrote:

> Here are some updates on the problem of using eev to install
> wget.exe on Windows machines. Remember that I have good
> reasons to suppose the most of the people who will
> participate in my workshop have never used terminals and
> don't even know well enough what is a directory.
> 1. PowerShell
> =============
> Someone told me to take a look at PowerShell. Apparently it
> has a built-in wget, and it is somewhat multi-platform-ish.
> I installed it on my Debian box. Its main executable is
> called pwsh. Pwsh doesn't run well on comint buffers - it
> says that the terminal is not powerful enough. It works well
> on vterm and ansi-term, and so I added support for ansi-term
> to eev, and I defined a function eepitch-pwsh that uses
> ansi-term. [...]

Meta: ?

What's this new style of posting you guys do? Donald Knuth all
over? (Not that I know/saw it, just heard it. There was a long
discussion recently, don't look that up, embarrassing, heh :))

But I don't mind, on the contrary as they say in the sweet
science, "styles make fights" ... there is a guy in
gmane.emacs.erc.general who also does it! He is ... either
almost scary or very impressive ...

Here is also a workshop BTW, inspired by Emacs. Or did I came
to Emacs because of "the workshop" inside me, embryotic at
that time? Because you can take the tiger out of the jungle
but etc ...

I've been telling the folks there it doesn't matter what
_order_ you do good things. They are idempotent! No ... that's
when nothing happens the second time you do it ... they are
a transaction? related but not it. they are/can be done in
parallel? but they can't, sometimes they require the same
tools and we have a finite number of those as you see -
especially in the machine shop ... but these things tend to
multiply when you get it organized and in one place (but teen
girls can't have the same effect with a box with
chronologically sorted LOVE LETTERS <3 )... anyway, just do it
if it makes sense, and don't worry about the order!
BUT DESPITE telling this my most important message to the
masses over and over - yes, I did take those photos AFTER
I cleaned and organized it :D

underground experts united

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