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Re: emacs-slack

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: emacs-slack
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:52:30 +0000
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I don't have it in my config anymore, so I can't help as much as you would like.

However, as always, just search online for someone else's config to steal from:

This looks like an alternative to check out as well:

Good luck,


On Thu, Oct 7, 2021, at 10:16 PM, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs 
text editor wrote:
> BTW if you or anyone else can help me ... that would be gold,
> truly gold.
> My mental/physical health is a disaster and has been for
> several years but life can still be good if I just do the
> right things, the right way ...
> And fiddling with a smartphone trying to run a huge workshop
> sometimes emplaning basic things over and over to people with
> huge egos - you guessed it, that's the wrong thing, and in the
> wrong way :)
> -- 
> underground experts united

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