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Re: Search through the string's space for find the target string whose m

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Search through the string's space for find the target string whose md5sum matches the required condition.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 15:06:32 +0200
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Hongyi Zhao wrote:

> import re
> from hashlib import md5
> from string import ascii_uppercase
> alphabet_uppercase = ascii_uppercase
> re_md5_str = re.compile(r"""^E903[A-F0-9]{3}
>                 4DAB[A-F0-9]{4}
>                 08[A-F0-9]{5}
>                 51[A-F0-9]
>                 80[A-F0-9]{2}
>                 8A[A-F0-9]""", re.X)
> for i in alphabet_uppercase:
>     i_str = 'TASC' + i
>     for j in alphabet_uppercase:
>         j_str = i_str + 'O3RJMV' + j
>         for k in alphabet_uppercase:
>             _str = j_str + 'WDJKX' + k + 'ZM'
>             md5_str = md5(_str.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest().upper()
>             if re_md5_str.match(md5_str):
>                 print('string: ' + _str + '\n' + 'md5sum: ' + md5_str)

Python ... ugly but efficient.

Lisp ... wonderful but ... yeah, to some extent.

Now do it in Lisp and let's compare. But the biggest
difference (aside for beauty) will be the time spent writing
the code - an expert lisper and beginner/medium level Python
programmer should spend a comparable amount of time :) - not
time in execution.

Then I include googling solutions ...

The true expert does everything very rapidly. But who is
a Lisp expert? I can think of one person on this list and it
sure ain't me :)

underground experts united

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