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Bibtex stuff

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Bibtex stuff
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2021 00:15:14 +0200
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I just refactored my Bibtex stuff in a way that makes sense -
I think. The idea is to split configuration (settings) and
extensions (which is new Lisp code).

The old methods and practices of modularity still apply, of
course ... (ha, that involved, ey? :))

Anyway, the file with the "-incal" suffix is the config!
The rest is not.



So now anyone can check out the extensions and not be
bothered with mere config!

I realize very few people care for Bibtex but I post it
because one, I might be wrong; and two, I think this
modularity idea is good to make more pleasant the
"Elisp interchange" between Elispers, if you will.

In this case, the bibtex-field stuff is probably such a thing
that ought to be pretty much a basic building block of any such
mode ... not necessarily the exact way I wrote it tho.

BTW I already did this to my ERC and Emacs-w3m stuff, and more
stuff to come Gw ...

Keep it real time ...

underground experts united

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