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Please convert me to ielm (or sort of)

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Please convert me to ielm (or sort of)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 23:24:36 -0300

Hi people,

How do you handle history in ielm?...

More precisely: suppose that you were trying to learn something and
after running, say, 42 sexps, in ielm you sort of learned it - and a
lot more. How would you save these 42 sexps, or the more interesting
sexps among them, to your notes?

I am asking because this is trivial in eev - eev enforces a style in
which we save all interesting sexps in our notes, see: - but I
would like to add a section to its docs explaining that I never
learned ielm properly, but it _seems_ that ielm people would do
something similar by doing the things such and such...

I guess that most of the people who use ielm are not compulsive
note-takers like me, and don't have a goldfish-like memory (*) like
me, but some may be...

  Thanks in advance!
    Eduardo Ochs

(*) please ignore this:

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