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Re: Noob dumb question (extending emacs)

From: H. Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: Re: Noob dumb question (extending emacs)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 07:46:04 +0200
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Hello Ivano

Gnu-Emacs can do a lot for you and often it can be accomplished in
multiple ways or with multiple packages.

I suggest to tackle one of your tasks after another and coming back with
more concrete questions.

By the way, on which OS is your Emacs running?


Ivano Da Milano <> writes:

> Hello everyone.
> Please, be patient, as I'm totally new to emacs, but I'm told it can do a
> lot more than just editing text.
> So, I ask you, are the following possible?
> And how to accomplish? (if possible, point me to a ready solution, because
> I know nearly nothing about lisp)
> [un]zip/tar/rar/etc archives
> ASCII Art - from image, but IIRC, there's an ASCII based paint program
> Batch rename
> Browser (like Lynx)
> Scientific calculator
> Calendar
> Contacts manager
> DBMS (SQL Client)
> Diff/patch
> File manager (like Midnight Commander)
> FTP Client
> Id3 tag editor
> IRC client
> Mail client
> MIDI/Music Player
> OffLine browser (like HTTrack)
> random password generator
> Project management
> Speech recognition
> Spreadsheet (like sc)
> System clean
> Task manager (like top)
> Torrent
> Transcoder (with FFMPeg)
> TTS (with eSpeak)
> Volume mixer (like AlsaMixer)
> Wave editor (with SoX)
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Best wishes
H. Dieter Wilhelm
Zwingenberg, Germany

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