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Differences with side-by-side modification

From: tolugboji
Subject: Differences with side-by-side modification
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:54:19 +0000

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On Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 10:18 AM, Michael Heerdegen 
<> wrote:

> tolugboji writes:
> > Got confused on what to do because the window seemed to recognise the mouse
> >
> > over options, but pressing mouse button did nothing.
> Note that by default Ediff uses a standalone control frame (which means
> "window" in the outside world) and that frame should be selected to
> enter the control commands. Dunno if that is related to your
> experiences.
> Anyway, it's possible to edit the currently Ediffed buffers. You can,
> for example, copy regions from one side to the other. The quick help
> (key: ?) is your friend. ? typed a second time removes the quick help.
> It's also possible to edit the buffers manually while they are Ediffed.
> You then hit ! to refresh the diff highlighting. h to toggle the
> highlighting if it distracts while editing.
> Michael.

That helps a lot Michael.  Was initially bothered by the small command frame
that pops up and having to use ?.  But using ? again to reduce the frame
is good and I like the highlighting.

I have some code that I need to split up into different files, and can get
to do some emacs practice doing so.  I come from vscode and similar internal
environments (one big mess when tools are invented internally).

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