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Re: [External] : M-. vs C-h o

From: Hongyi Zhao
Subject: Re: [External] : M-. vs C-h o
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 09:58:04 +0800

On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 9:18 AM Emanuel Berg via Users list for the
GNU Emacs text editor <> wrote:
> Drew Adams wrote:
> >> mapc is a built-in function in ‘src/fns.c’.
> >
> > That tells you that it's a Lisp function that's "built-in",
> > meaning that it's implemented in C.
> A so-called Lisp primitive ...
> "Lisp primitives are Lisp functions implemented in C"
> (info "(elisp)Writing Emacs Primitives")

Thank you for pointing this out.  I've `rg'ed the local Emacs git
source code repo, and it seems still difficult to pinpoint the
corresponding C source code implementation of DEFUN.


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