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Re: Noob dumb question (extending emacs)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Noob dumb question (extending emacs)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 15:45:01 +0300
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* Michael Heerdegen <> [2021-10-25 12:20]:
> Jean Louis <> writes:
> > Unlimited. You could or should show how you can predict the outcome.
> Ok, I'll do it for 5000$.  Unlimited number of trials.

> But only with a contract we both sign.  I do not know you and I do not
> like being cheated.  Should I fail, I don't have to pay anything
> (attackers normally don't pay you if they fail).

Do you say you can predict outcome of my `rcd-password' function?

(rcd-password) ⇒ "KsDwGMWPs_!61kbUlzwo"


Send contract, I sign it. 


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