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Re: Poll: best hackable window manager or DE for Emacs-loving freedom ac

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: Poll: best hackable window manager or DE for Emacs-loving freedom activists
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2021 22:34:39 -0400
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The reason I mentioned the audio, video, and networking is that if you're 
anything like me, you're a person that primarily wants to use Emacs as the 
end-all-be-all solution to a lot of things. Therefore, I don't want something 
as trivial as the OS I'm using to be in the way. I want it to do its job and so 
I don't have to worry about it not working.

To be fair, I just want to boot into Emacs and I'd be happy. Personally, 
anything that can run a modern browser like Firefox, a X11 terminal if needed, 
and Emacs, is cool with me.

Hope that clarifies things as it DOES take into consideration of what specific 
WM or DE you use since in this respect, a DE might be better in these cases so 
you can just concentrate on Emacs and "Getting Things Done".



On Fri, Nov 5, 2021, at 10:13 PM, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs 
text editor wrote:
> Samuel Banya wrote:
> > Not sure about everyone else on here, but even when I like
> > minimal DE or WM setups, I just expect a couple things to work
> > on Linux as a user:
> > - Sound ('pavucontrol' if I'm using PulseAudio)
> > - Video ('arandr' for multiple monitors)
> > - Networking ('nmtui')
> >
> > For this reason alone, I actually prefer GUI or curses type
> > apps for these three components as its always a pain to try
> > to configure either of these just to get a basic OS working
> > when it should just work.
> But what has this to do with GUI, I also want them and
> everything else to work out of the box.
> Hm ... take a look here, with all the files that start with "audio"
> maybe you are right? :P
> No, not really, I have just accumulated that over the years.
> When I install Debian multimedia and internet works fine out
> of the box.
> I even have an Elisp audio file BTW. But not related to
> software config:
> -- 
> underground experts united

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