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writing Romanian characters

From: crstml
Subject: writing Romanian characters
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 12:31:33 +0100
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Hello all,

I have the following problem.

Sometimes I need to use Romanian characters. After I configure emacs to use
the Romanian language environment with set-language-environment I activate
an input method that allows me to write these characters with C-\.

I works very well. I use the latin-2-postfix input method to write
language specific characters. But, there is problem:

In the above mentioned input method if I write

     s ,

I obtain the character

     ş (UNICODE: U+015F; ISO-8859-2/iso-latin-2: 0xBA or 186; Entity: ş)

which is very similar but NOT THE SAME with the Romanian character

     ș (UNICODE: U+0219; ISO-8859-16/iso-latin-10: 0xBA or 186; Entity: ș)

These are two distinct characters. Visually there is no problem reading a
Romanian text containing U+015F instead of U+0219 but there can be problem
when we perform character conversions or searches.

For example if I write my Romanian text with U+015F instead of U+0219 and
save it in unicode all works well. But then if I want to convert that file
to ISO-8859-16, the convertor will tell me that the character U+015F cannot
be converted to the requested character set.

By giving emacs the command "describe-language-environment" in the Romanian
environment I can see that  iso-latin-10 is listed as a Coding system 
for this environment.

My question is: Is it possible to configure emacs use iso-latin-10 instead
of iso-8859-2 in the Romanian enviroment?

Best regards

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