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Re: emojis not colored

From: Colin Baxter 😺
Subject: Re: emojis not colored
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 18:37:48 +0000
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>>>>> Robert Pluim <> writes:

>>>>> On Mon, 15 Nov 2021 09:31:35 +0000, Colin Baxter 😺 <> 
>>>>> said:
    Colin> I had sort of given up on NotoColorEmji.tff after seeing the
    Colin> fontlint output. Now, however, if fontlint gives the same
    Colin> output on a working font then I'll have to re-think.

    Colin> Thanks for the information.

    > If you want to debug this further, etc/PROBLEMS has the following:

    >     *** This may be due to your local fontconfig customization.
    > Try removing or moving aside "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fontconfig/conf.d"
    > and "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/fontconfig/fonts.conf" ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME is
    > treated as "~/.config" if not set)

    >     Running Emacs as

    >         FC_DEBUG=1024 emacs

    >     will cause fontconfig to output information about which
    > configuration files it is reading.  Running Emacs as

    >         FC_DEBUG=1 emacs

    >     will result in information about the results of fontconfig's
    > font matching (including the filename(s) of the resulting fonts).

    > Robert --

Thanks. This confirms what I thought. My NotoColorEmji.tff which is
located in ~/.fonts is not being used. I have tried various fontconfig
recipes in my ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d. None of them help - I'm not
surprised since they were largely guesses. I'm running Debian 9.13 and I
read somewhere on the Internet that this is too old for google emoji
color fonts. I don't know if that's correct or not. If it is then I'll
probably stick with emacs-emojify (which I quite like) until I upgrade
my machine.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Best wishes,

Colin Baxter.

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