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Instruct emacs --batch to wait for something

From: Rodrigo Morales
Subject: Instruct emacs --batch to wait for something
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 11:41:29 -0500

I'm trying to use Emacs as a tool for getting the text representation of
a website. For doing this, I'm using "eww" and I've written the
following command that I intend to use in the command line.

#+begin_src bash
emacs \
  --batch \
"";)' \
  --eval='(with-current-buffer "*eww*" (princ (buffer-string)))'

The problem with this command is that it shows the following instead of
showing the website.


My question is: How can I instruct Emacs to wait for something when the
=--batch= flag is used?

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