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Re: Gnus and multiple Email servers

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Gnus and multiple Email servers
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 12:14:40 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> I mean, the messages must end up in some nnml or nnmaildir server that
> you've configured, right?

I am using rkunter, that's something that scans your systems for
rootkits and such once a day.  AFAIU it mails results to micha@drachen
(with "drachen" being the host name).  They arrive in
"/home/micha/Mail/archive/mail/misc" (that's the part I currently don't
understand anymore), and I access that place via an nnml:archive named
nnml server.


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