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Re: Gnus and multiple Email servers

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Gnus and multiple Email servers
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 21:43:09 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen wrote:

>> In nndraft it turns up I had 0 drafts and 19 posts in
>> "queue", I don't know if that means they were never sent or
>> what else it indicates?
> Hit "J S" and see what happens :)
> (Actually, don't do that, if they've been in there for years
> that could mess up your life, or at least confuse a lot
> of people.)

Right, I removed all of them without reading. I wonder why
they didn't get sent to begin with tho? I have a "drafts"
group but that is/was empty at the time of the discovery.

>> In the nnfolder "archive" there is nothing and it isn't
>> even opened by default, so I guess it doesn't do anything?
>> But I can open it so it is operational, maybe operational
>> doing nothing but still ...
> By bare default, Gnus will put your sent messages in an
> nnfolder "archive" server. Probably when you first started
> using Gnus you hadn't configured your archive server, so
> Gnus created this default. Then later you set things up more
> thoroughly, so it never got used? Something like that?
> Anyway, you're probably safe to remove it.

`gnus-server-kill-server'? I did and it disappeared.
Problem solved :)

underground experts united

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