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Default branch selection for nongnu elpa packages

From: Étienne Deparis
Subject: Default branch selection for nongnu elpa packages
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 11:30:35 +0000


First of all, it’s my first message on this list, I hope I don’t make any mistake by selecting this mailing list instead of another. I take it
as it is listed as "help list" on the nongnu elpa page.

Some time ago, one added a package I maintain on the nongnu elpa
archive. Thank you very much for that :)

Now I’m willing to switch the default branch of that package from master to main. From what I read on the melpa repository, it’s automatic on
their side. However as it seems that nongnu elpa is different than
melpa, I’d like to check with anyone involved in nongnu elpa that this change will also be transparent on your side. Or if it is not, let you know that you should target now the main branch. There is no hurry right
now as I’ll continue to support both branch for some times.

All my best,

Étienne Deparis

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