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RE: [External] : Custom for quit-window?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Custom for quit-window?
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2022 00:26:54 +0000

> >I use this:
> >
> >(defun quit-window-delete (&optional kill window)
> >  "Quit WINDOW, deleting it, and bury its buffer.
> >WINDOW must be a live window and defaults to the selected one.
> >With prefix argument KILL non-nil, kill the buffer instead of
> >burying it.
> >
> >This is similar to the version of `quit-window' that Emacs had before
> >the introduction of `quit-restore-window'.  It ignores the information
> >stored in WINDOW's `quit-restore' window parameter.
> >
> >It deletes the WINDOW more often, rather than switching to another
> >buffer in it.  If WINDOW is alone in its frame then the frame is
> >deleted or iconified, according to option `frame-auto-hide-function'."
> >  (interactive "P")
> >  (set-window-parameter
> >    window 'quit-restore `(frame frame nil ,(current-buffer)))
> >  (quit-restore-window window (if kill 'kill 'bury)))
> >
> >And I do this:
> >
> >(global-set-key [remap quit-window] ' quit-window-delete)
> I just tried your suggestion and I don't get any difference...

You don't get any difference from what?

I didn't try your code.  I was just passing along
the info that this is what I use.  (It's in my
little library `misc-cmds.el'.)

> I saw that you had a package called window+ that is supposed to do more or
> less what I want, is it right? So actually kill the buffer like with
> "C-u q".

The (re)definition of `quit-window' in `window+.el'
is only for Emacs versions prior to 24.  That code
is conditionalized with:
 (when (< emacs-major-version 24)...).

You don't need it for Emacs 24+.  You can, I assume
still use it with Emacs 24+, though, if you like.

Part of what I was passing along was to say that
you can remap all keys that are normally bound to
`quit-window' to some other command. 

> But I am still not sure why this is not an currently an option and the
> implementation not simpler, or if there are some "bad" side effects in
> the implementation suggested in my initial email.

I can't speak to either of those things.  The code
I use was, IIRC, suggested by Martin Rudalics after
I complained about Emacs having changed the behavior
of `quit-window'.  The code I use, on his suggestion,
provides behavior like Emacs did before the change.

> I mean, to make it less intrusive and only call kill when called
> interactively (until I am sure there are not any undesired side effect)
> is this fine?

To only do it when interactive, don't redefine any
original function that's also used noninteractively.
Just define your own command, bind it to keys, and
don't invoke it noninteractively.

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