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Re: File for minor mode not found

From: Stephen Berman
Subject: Re: File for minor mode not found
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2022 16:12:19 +0100
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On Sun, 9 Jan 2022 15:43:42 +0100 (CET) fatiparty--- via Users list for the GNU 
Emacs text editor <> wrote:

> Jan 9, 2022, 06:47 by
>> On Sun, Jan 09, 2022 at 06:14:33AM +0100, fatiparty--- via Users list for
>> the GNU Emacs text editor wrote:
>>> Have made a minor mode called daph stored in file path
>>> ~/Admir/typ/zig/daph-ideograms"
>> Under which name is it stored there?
>>> This is the call for daph-minor-mode
>>> (define-minor-mode daph-minor-mode
>>> At the end or the file I use (provide 'daph)
>>> In another file I call the minor mode
>>> (defun fad-daph-ideograms ()
>>>    "Tex command highlighting."
>>>    (add-to-list
>>>       'load-path "~/Admir/typ/zig/daph-ideograms")
>>>    (require 'daph)
>> This is looking for a file "daph.el" (after looking for a "daph.elc")
>> somewhere in `load-path'. Does that exist?
>> Sorry for asking something which might be obvious, but your question
>> doesn't make it completely clear.
> It does not exist.  The file is named daph-ideograms.el but I am using 
> (provide 'daph) at the end of the file.  And using (require 'daph) after 
> setting the load-path in another file.

That should be (require 'daph "daph-ideograms"), see `C-h f require':.

   require is a built-in function in ‘C source code’.
   (require FEATURE &optional FILENAME NOERROR)
   If feature FEATURE is not loaded, load it from FILENAME.
   If FEATURE is not a member of the list ‘features’, then the feature is
   not loaded; so load the file FILENAME.
   If FILENAME is omitted, the printname of FEATURE is used as the file
   name, and ‘load’ will try to load this name appended with the suffix
   ‘.elc’, ‘.el’, or the system-dependent suffix for dynamic module
   files, in that order.

Steve Berman

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