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Re: I decide to support Marak event, I'm going to delete all my Emacs ex

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: I decide to support Marak event, I'm going to delete all my Emacs extensions on GitHub
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 13:11:49 +0300
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* Christopher M. Miles <> [2022-01-10 09:19]:
> After sawing Marak result, I decided to give up GitHub, delete all
> my repositories on GitHub.

Congratulations. Awareness is important.
> Most part of my repositories are Emacs extensions, so I email here, hope GNU 
> Emacs community has a
> simple way to host and upload my extensions code.
> I will delete all repositories in 3 days, and only leave on README says "I 
> don't like GitHub's Terms
> of Service which will delete your account if you delete your code." Sorry 
> maybe this break my
> extensions' users experience. But I need to express my attitude to this 
> movement with my tiny
> personal power.
> Background:
> #+begin_quote
> "Removing your own code from [GitHub] is a violation of their Terms of 
> Service? WTF? This is a
> kidnapping. We need to start decentralizing the hosting of free software 
> source code," responded
> software engineer Sergio Gómez.
> #+end_quote

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