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Colourising tex keywords

From: fatiparty
Subject: Colourising tex keywords
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 00:15:57 +0100 (CET)

Jan 12, 2022, 10:47 by

> writes:
>> Perhaps I can send the actual file.  I do not think it is a very
>> severe problem to fix.
> Hmm, I can only say that after substituting texmark-typeface with
> texmark-colour your code stills seems to work as expected here.
> Does M-x customize-face texmark-colour RET display that face correctly
> for you?
> Michael.
I have also changed the colour to red and can see tho samplo in the correct 
But not after loading the file.
In my texi setup file I have

   (add-to-list  'load-path "~/Opstk/typex/zig/daphne-stenogr")
   (require 'daphne "daphne-stenogr")
   (add-hook 'texinfo-mode-hook #'daphne-minor-mode))

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