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Re: Fwd: How do I go about debugging my Elisp code?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Fwd: How do I go about debugging my Elisp code?
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 10:34:11 +0300
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* Tassilo Horn <> [2022-01-14 22:48]:
> Jean Louis <> writes:
> >> So if I want to give some help-searching user the hint to reproduce
> >> an error with debug-on-error set to t, I should write my reply as
> >> given in the below?
> >
> > I would assume that your minimal contributions to Emacs are under the
> > same license as Emacs and simply include it how it is in my code if I
> > wish, but then I would say it was authored by yourself.  Then in case
> > of complaint from your side I could adapt it how you and me think it
> > is alright.
> >
> > It is good to be practical. 
> I guess with elisp, it will never ever happen that the author of some
> code in some posting will complain.  But noting down the author along
> the code is a very good idea because of copyright, i.e., when you later
> want to contribute your package to emacs or publish it on GNU ELPA.

Look at plethora of Emacs packages on various repositories, large
majority of them are properly licensed. This is because of policies
established at repository and their quick verification. Few are
improper or not adequate.

Those packages beyond repositories often lack licenses. They need
practical reminder.


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