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Re: backward-sexp throws scan-error "Unbalanced parentheses", but forwar

From: ndame
Subject: Re: backward-sexp throws scan-error "Unbalanced parentheses", but forward-sexp works
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 21:30:41 +0000

> I haven't looked in detail, but I did notice that it let-binds
> `after-change-functions` which can interfere with other code adding
> functions to this hook.
> Does the quick&dirty patch below help?

I started emacs -Q and though I have the mode installed via
package.el, I did not want to setup package stuff, so I just
copied the code from here:

Turns out with this latest version the problem is not reproducible.

I made a diff compared to my installed version and apparently the
new, working version adds the `after-change-functions` which you wanted
to remove among other things . (diff attached)

So the problem went away, because I upgraded to the latest version,
which is good, but I'm still wondering how the syntax parser got
confused because of indentation stuff.

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