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Re: min-colors 88

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: min-colors 88
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 13:27:38 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

>>>>  4-bit, 16 colours
>>>>  8-bit, 256 colours
>>>> 16-bit, 65 000 colours
>>> There's no meaningful number of pixels that correspond to
>>> 88 colors, AFAIK. The number of colors supported by
>>> text-mode terminals doesn't necessarily depend on the
>>> pixel depth of the color display.
>> So one uses whatever bit format (e.g. 24-Bit Format for
>> #RRGGBB) needed to store the maximum colours supported?
> Yes. And you can use #RRGGBB (or any variant of it)
> regardless of the pixel depth, Emacs will convert as needed.

Compare ...

Got to the ttys/Linux VTs/the console ...

$ tput colors

I actually there are 16 colors in the VTs, 8 is just what
is reported so it tells you that.

See "test-colors", line 56:


It is 8 colors _and_ 8 supposedly bright versions of the
corresponding colors, but they can be defined to whatever, and
it happens the same way, so there is in practice 16 colors.
(Only when the background comes into play it differs, since
the 8 bright version cannot, I think, be used as backgrounds.)

I have a very old tutorial somewhere on this ...

PS. BTW Double-O Seven, in the computer world it is spelled

underground experts united

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