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Re: Why eev has a weird elisp tutorial and how to use it

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Why eev has a weird elisp tutorial and how to use it
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 00:56:54 -0300

On Thu, 27 Jan 2022 at 23:50, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs
text editor <> wrote:

>   And this video is - hopefully - a first step to make my
>   tutorial less mysterious. So: that's it. That's what
>   i wanted to show. Bye! =) [1]
> Yeah, that was a verbose and informal intro from a personal
> POV if there ever was one - and except for the thing I already
> mentioned, that people should learn to read code first, where
> I disagree 100%, from my POV but also in general - but except
> for that, all's cool obviously, but ...
> Where is the actual Elisp intro? :O

In the video I refer to the intro in several places as
"find-elisp-intro", and people who have played with the main eev
tutorial a bit usually quickly become familiar with three ways of
going to an "intro"... in the case of find-elisp-intro the three ways

  1) running M-x find-elisp-intro

  2) eval-ing a sexp like this: (find-elisp-intro)

  3) in most pages in when a sexp like


     appears, its middle part - the "find-elisp-intro" - becomes a
     link that points to an htmlized version of that intro, that is

One of the first things in this page

is a "(find-elisp-intro)" that has a link to the htmlized version of
the intro.

This part of the video explains that if you have eev installed it's
easy to create elisp hyperlinks to sections of that tutorial:

  8:23 One important thing is that people can create hyperlinks to the
       sections of the of my elisp tutorial very easily.

  8:35 For example, suppose that you're one of the students in my
       workshop, you are starting to learn Emacs today today, and you
       learned the basic ideas of how to create elisp hyperlinks

  8:56 and you think that there's something interesting in this section
       here - section 5.

  9:02 So you can create a link to it by hand. For example you can
       simply type this (find-elisp-intro "...") - initially by hand;
       later you can learn the tricks for generating this automatically -

  9:22 and you can copy the title to this position here. Now you have
       something that if you execute... if you execute this you go
       exactly to this section here.

It starts here:

  Eduardo Ochs

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