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Web mode warts - help ...

From: Skip Montanaro
Subject: Web mode warts - help ...
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 08:08:53 -0600

I installed web-mode a few days ago to help me more easily develop some
Jinja2 templates for my website. When a template is largely made up of
Jinja2 blocks and HTML tags it seems to work admirably. It doesn't seem to
flow text the way I'd expect in the presence of inline tags. The biggest
problem is that it when I add <a>...</a> tags around a chunk of text in a
paragraph it reflows the rest of the text after that so it's indented with
the beginning of the href attribute. Here's a snippet:

        than a static collection of emails. The current incarnation
        was built with <a href="";>NGINX</a>,
        <a href="";>Gunicorn</a>, and <a href="";>Flask</a>. It
                                                             a bit

That weird bit of text was reflowed as soon as I closed the <a> tag on the
Flask reference. (I've also seen it when typing "/" within the href.) In
addition to creating a bunch of extra work to get things properly
structured again, the automatic reflow weirdness only highlights my second
complaint, that it seems to refuse to wrap text at the fill-column as I
type. I'm constantly having to manually fill the paragraph.

A third gripe. I enter <ul>, hit return. I enter <li> then type the text
for that list item. I type </ and instead of closing the list item, it
closes the unordered list. What's up with that?

I didn't see anything on the web-mode website which would suggest how to
fix these problems. Can someone explain how to get it to change (any of)
these behaviors?


Skip Montanaro

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