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DEOL: Declarative Emacs On-Line (was: Re: DragonFlyBSD)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: DEOL: Declarative Emacs On-Line (was: Re: DragonFlyBSD)
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 20:44:40 +0100
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Lele Gaifax wrote:

> This is an example of such configuration, that governs my
> whole laptop, running NixOS:
> It basically configure a system with a set of "global"
> packages and another one specific for my own account.
> Changing that list and issuing a "nix-rebuild boot" creates
> a new "generation" of the system, that will be activated at
> next reboot, while keeping the previous ones still
> available, until an explicit "nix-collect-garbage".

Thanks, I'll try it! Get back to you ...

Can't belive this is something new! (Relatively speaking.)

Why wasn't it like this since day one?

Mr. Monnier, a theory?

All software is configured with config or rc (run commands)
files, why not the most important software there is (after the
text editor), the OS and the software harbors?

What is the most natural thing and the way one would do it
oneself without thinking is now too good to be true, how did
that happen?

And ... what about the Emacs world?

We want this for [M]ELPA as well!

Take a look at this Makefile, and marvel at its excellency
doing it ... in a way that doesn't make sense!
It is Easter Island all over again. Instead of moving onto the
next and superior level, perfect stone age to an
absurd degree ...

One system to define the system, another to realize it ...


underground experts united

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