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Re: About the activation of minor modes

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: About the activation of minor modes
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2022 06:01:24 +0100
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Eduardo Ochs wrote:

> The function `find-epp' of eev pretty-prints its argument
> and shows the result in a temporary buffer, and this
>   (find-epp (macroexpand '
>     (define-minor-mode A-mode
>       "Help for A-mode"
>       :init-value nil
>       :global nil
>       :lighter " A")
>   ))
> shows exactly what this `define-minor-mode' does. I _guess_
> that it should be easy to modify the (define-minor-mode
> A-mode ...)

Yeah ... _guess_es are that should be pretty easy: obscure
3rd-party software, `macroexpand', a quoted piece of Lisp (a
note to the OP, a `quote' turns Lisp software into data,
however now the macro ... err, whatever).

Study this example instead.

What do you see happening in the below code?

(abbrev-mode           -1)
(auto-encryption-mode  -1)
(file-name-shadow-mode -1)
(gpm-mouse-mode        -1)
(menu-bar-mode         -1)
(tooltip-mode          -1)


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