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Re: readable-not-found

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: readable-not-found
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2022 20:22:33 +0100
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Andreas Röhler wrote:

>>> (if (file-readable-p "../test.el")
>>>    (load "../test.el" nil t))
>> (defun load-if-exists (file)
>>    (if (file-exists-p file)
>>        (load-file file)
>>      (message "The file %s does not exist." file) ))
> Didn't use load-file, as assumed designed for
> interactive use.

No, don't assume that ... on the contrary assume everything
works both ways, or at least the interactive -> Lisp way ...

Sometimes the docstring and/or byte compiler will tell you
otherwise, should be rare as that is a sign of whatever
badness so it needs to be stated, i.e. an explicit
exception to general fluidularity ...

> When looking into its definition, it's expand-file-name
> which does it:
> (load (expand-file-name "../test.el") nil t)

Indeed, gets the absolute path.

> Thanks all!

np :)

underground experts united

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