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Re: GPG key to verify emacs releases

From: andrew
Subject: Re: GPG key to verify emacs releases
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 09:26:15 +0800

Here's a note on OpenPGP.

On 22/03/14 01:46AM, GNU Hacker wrote:
> Also I dont trust in the keyservers
I don't think not trusting in keyservers is particularly relevant here.
You should get the keys from the keyservers, then use the Web of Trust
to verify the key.  Key servers are a means to distribute keys, never a
way to verify them.  You don't need to trust keyservers.

> Can anyone share this key?
I don't have the key, the above is just for your information.
I scowered the Emacs Website, and I did not find the keys.  This may be
a bug.

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