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Re: Proportional font in the modeline

From: irek
Subject: Re: Proportional font in the modeline
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 12:55:33 +0100

Marcin Borkowski <> writes:
> I remember reading somewhere about a recent experiment with proportional
> fonts in the modeline.  I compiled a new Emacs (from master) a few days
> ago, but the font is still fixed-width.  How do i enable variable-width
> fonts in the modeline?

I believe that only tab-bar mode uses variable-pitch by default right
now.  In fact mode-line face was inheriting from variable-pitch as well.
You can find that in commit 84bf9549860aae22931951d52b194b1fcfca1556 but
later it was removed in commit 3f843b25dc96867043feebb1d928bde4a7a777a3

Quoting from commit 3f843b25dc96867043feebb1d928bde4a7a777a3:
> (mode-line): Don't inherit from vaiable-pitch.

So right now you have to force variable-pitch in mode line face by
modifying mode-line face.

I hope this clears all the confusion.

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