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Re: Is there a way of setting a variable only when it exists?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Is there a way of setting a variable only when it exists?
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2022 09:58:25 +0300
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* Marcin Borkowski <> [2022-03-15 09:28]:
> What if it's an internal Emacs variable which might become a user option
> one day (I submitted a bug report about it) and then my customization
> silently disappears?  It's the "silently" part I want to guard
> against...

I am trying to understand:

- what is user option?

- you probably mean a variable that cannot be customized by M-x customize?

- because every Emacs variable is user option for me, anything can be
  customized; I do not know if there are any static variables that
  cannot be changed, probably.

Example: (setq emacs-version 1) ⇒ 1 -- so I can change even Emacs version.

Now, if variable becomes in future "user option" most probably your
settings will still be kept in place, your customization will not
silently disappear unless you delete it from your files.

Did I understand it all well?


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