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Re: Happy 69th Birthday to Richard Stallman

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Re: Happy 69th Birthday to Richard Stallman
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 13:05:23 -0400
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Happy Birthday, RMS!

You made the best editor in the world, and I think you're an absolute genius 
for it!

I use Emacs all the time for work and personal use, and my life would never be 
the same without it.

Thanks :)


On Wed, Mar 16, 2022, at 10:21 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
> Dr. Richard Stallman is today exactly 69 years, was born on
> 1953-03-16. 
> I wish Richard all the best and so many years more to come.
> More from Wikipedia:
> Richard Matthew Stallman (/ˈstɔːlmən/; born March 16, 1953), also
> known by his initials, rms, is an American free software movement
> activist and programmer. He campaigns for software to be distributed
> in such a manner, so that its users receive the freedoms to use,
> study, distribute, and modify that software. Software that ensures
> these freedoms is termed free software. Stallman launched the GNU
> Project, founded the Free Software Foundation In October 1985,
> developed the GNU Compiler Collection and GNU Emacs, and wrote the GNU
> General Public License.
> Stallman launched the GNU Project in September 1983 to write a
> Unix-like computer operating system composed entirely of free
> software. With this, he also launched the free software movement. He
> has been the GNU project's lead architect and organizer, and developed
> a number of pieces of widely used GNU software including, among
> others, the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU Debugger, and GNU Emacs text
> editor.
> Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleft, which uses the principles
> of copyright law to preserve the right to use, modify, and distribute
> free software. He is the main author of free software licenses which
> describe those terms, most notably the GNU General Public License
> (GPL), the most widely used free software license.
> More about GNU project:
> Personal blog of Richard Stallman:
> Jean
> Take action in Free Software Foundation campaigns:
> In support of Richard M. Stallman

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