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Re: how to force auto-save of buffers not visiting files, right now?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: how to force auto-save of buffers not visiting files, right now?
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 23:07:18 +0100
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hw <> writes:

> Think it through: You can only undo when nothing goes wrong.  With
> copies of buffers being autmatically saved to auto-save files, you
> can recover from the auto-save files when something does go wrong.
> When nothing goes wrong, these buffers and auto-save files automatically
> go away.

What are these "something"s that make undo not work but have no effect
on your auto-saving?  How do you check if "nothing goes wrong" and these
auto-save files can be deleted?

With only abstract "things that go wrong" and claiming auto save files
solve all problems and undo none, without being more specific, I can't
say much more.

If you want files and you feel safe with having them, nothing wrong with

And yes, Emacs could perform better with the information collected by
undo.  "undo-tree.el" is one approach to achieve that.  AFAIR it now
supports also saving undo histories.

In your scenario however I would expect that when "something goes wrong"
you just hit undo and get the former buffer contents, and that's it.


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