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Re: auto-save directory?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: auto-save directory?
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2022 08:30:18 +0300
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* hw <> [2022-03-19 07:07]:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if there is a way to have emacs put all auto-save files
> into a configurable directory.  We can set `tramp-auto-save-directory`,
> but there doesn't seem an equivalent option for files that are not
> remote.  I couldn't find one in either the documentation, nor the source.
> I'd find it nicer to have all auto-save files in one place instead of
> all over the place.  Is there such an option, and if there isn't, would
> that be worth making a feature request?
> ‘auto-save-file-name-transforms’

Evaluate this below to get into Info file:

(info "(emacs) Auto Save Files")

   The variable ‘auto-save-file-name-transforms’ allows a degree of
control over the auto-save file name.  It lets you specify a series of
regular expressions and replacements to transform the auto save file
name.  The default value puts the auto-save files for remote files
(*note Remote Files::) into the temporary file directory on the local

On my side the variable ‘auto-save-file-name-transforms’ looks as

[INS] [DEL] List:
            Regexp: \`/[^/]*:\([^/]*/\)*\([^/]*\)\'
            Replacement: /home/data1/protected/tmp/\2
            Uniquify: [Toggle]  on (non-nil)

or as this:

auto-save-file-name-transforms ⇒ (("\\`/[^/]*:\\([^/]*/\\)*\\([^/]*\\)\\'" 
"/home/data1/protected/tmp/\\2" t))


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