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Re: how to force auto-save of buffers not visiting files, right now?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: how to force auto-save of buffers not visiting files, right now?
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2022 05:56:18 +0100
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Michael Heerdegen wrote:

>> For example, I may edit a file '/usr/local/bin/'
>> which is owned by foo:foo because I made that so.
>> The directory '/usr/local/bin/' is owned by root. How do
>> you expect emacs to create a backup file there? For remote
>> files, I have set tramp-auto-save-directory to a local
>> directory, and I'm missing an equivalent option for
>> local files.
> I'm was talking about backup files, not about auto save.
> You can control where these are saved.

auto-save, `temporary-file-directory' ?
backup, `backup-directory-alist' ?

Never used any actively so don't know for sure ...

You can obviously "control" both/any/all in Emacs :)

> What kind of solution d you want to have? I find some of
> your answers contradicting, e.g. you say you don't want lots
> of backups because you don't want to delete them manually.
> But automatic deletion is also not good because ...

1. Keep files small.

X. Backup files don't take any disk space in any order
   of significance.

2. Backups should be set up to be kept out of the way
   automatically - or "not selected for the ACTUAL way when
   push comes to shove" - or ... well, whatever, only this
   should just work and be automated, so spend time to get it
   right OR be happy to live on the edge with no backups.
   Because there's no WAY in between!

... uhm, what's the right answer again?

underground experts united

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