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Re: local emacsclient to remote emacs server

From: t
Subject: Re: local emacsclient to remote emacs server
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 23:06:14 +0000
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Hi Felix.

Thank you for suggestions.

>     1) Use xrandr to set the DPI [1] 
>        Supposedly this requires to “enable full screen mode in XQuartz”.
>        This site also states that “we canʼt make this permanent”, but I
>        suspect that there is a script somewhere in which you could plug
>        the xrandr command, or possibly a configuration option (see the
>        next point).
>        $ xrandr --output default --mode 5120x2880 --dpi 218

I've just tried that and was at least able to confirm that, yep, you can get 
hiDPI on OSX. You'd have to do the xrandr dance and really crank up face height 
in Emacs but it is possible and the text is crisp. Sadly, I was unable to have 
XQuartz recognize that I have two displays. xrandr reports a single one, 
XQuartz darkens both and lets you only drag a part of the window onto external 
display. Google is very quiet on all things XQuartz. Ditto their mailing list.

> There is also “x2go” which uses XQuartz, but its programmers may have
> already figured out the correct settings to provide to it.
> Had you already found and tried these?

I've not tried x2go, it doesn't have x2goserver package for Guix. I could 
probably try and build it from source. I have tried XPRA, which kinda worked 
but the author confirmed that HiDPI won't work on OSX, yet.


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