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Re: Emacs --with-pgtk and use-package

From: Pankaj Jangid
Subject: Re: Emacs --with-pgtk and use-package
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2022 18:42:12 +0530
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Po Lu <> writes:

> Scaling with xrandr is very undesirable on a HiDPI monitor, since it
> just upscales the screen contents.  I have no idea why people try it at
> all these days.  Most likely what you actually want is to tell programs
> the DPI of the display, by setting the Xft.dpi X resource.

Actually, I used xrandr to downscale. used Xft.dpi to tell clients to
about the DPIs. Normally it works in multiple of 96. So I specified 192
and then downscaled using xrandr --scale 1.25x1.25. This is to achieve
fractional scaling.

>> I tried to use ‘sway’ (on wayland) and used scaling provided by
>> ‘sway’. All gtk based applications looked good. Emacs was still
>> blurry. So I tried to build ‘--with-pgtk’. Now that scalling is working
>> fine in Emacs as well. But ‘use-package’ has stopped working.
> That's a bug.  Please try to determine why it stopped working.
Will do.

>> 2. Is there any other solution to scaling problem without using pgtk?
> Yes, but it depends on what you did wrong earlier.

When I used ‘sway’, I found it lighter. May be just a feeling of
something new. But I want to give it a try for some time.

Resetting everything else to default settings and just specifying

output DP-2 scale 2

in the ‘sway’ config file. It works fine except that now everything is
too big. Other GTK apps scale well. But Emacs without pgtk is
pixelated. How to achieve smooth rendering of buffers and the menubar
items without building --with-pgtk?

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