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Error with tramp-archive-autoload-file-name-handler

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Error with tramp-archive-autoload-file-name-handler
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2022 00:44:50 +0100
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one user (in the technical sense) of my computer sometimes gets "Invalid
handler in `file-name-handler-alist' errors.  Here is one example:


Evaluating that gives the error.  For another user, I get just `t'.

The main difference seems to be that the first entry of
`file-name-handler-alist' is an entry referring to
`tramp-archive-autoload-file-name-handler' for the user that gets the
error.  That entry is missing for the user where it "works".  For the
user where it doesn't work, I see that
`tramp-archive-autoload-file-name-handler' succeeds and returns nil
(normally) but seems Emacs doesn't like that result.  I'm not sure where
in the code the error is actually raised.

Both users share more or less the same Emacs configuration.

tramp-archive-enabled -> nil for both users.

When I remove the `tramp-archive-autoload-file-name-handler' entry,
result is `t` for both users.

Any hints?



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