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Re: Examples of use of svg.el?

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Examples of use of svg.el?
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2022 07:46:01 -0300

On Fri, 1 Apr 2022 at 22:21, Michael Heerdegen <> wrote:
> Calc is a cool interactive Calculator, but IMHO it's not so super useful
> as programming language or for writing scripts, and it seems that's what
> you want to do.
> With my current Calc skills I would solve the above task like
> ' [x0-1 .. x0+1] RET      ; interval
> ' [y0-1 .. y0+1] RET      ; ditto
> ' (x-x0)^2 - (y-y0)^2 + 2 ; you could alternatively define a named function
> 3 s t x0                  ; set x0 to 3
> 2 s t y0                  ; ditto y0 to 2
> M-3 =                     ; updates topmost 3 stack values with vars 
> substituted
> g F                       ; draw it

Hi Michael,

thanks a lot!!! I found a way to record an interaction with Calc, but
the way to set up the windows is still very fragile. Here is a video,

and here is the code:

(defun eek-at-window (window keyseq)
    (select-window (get-buffer-window window))
    (eek keyseq)))

(defun eec (keyseq) (eek-at-window "*Calculator*" keyseq))

(defun ee-show-calc-windows ()
  (find-wset "13o_3o_o"
    '(find-ebuffer "*Calculator*")
    '(find-ebuffer "*Calc Trail*")))

• (calc) (eek "C-x 3 M-1 M-j")
• (ee-show-calc-windows)
• (eec "' [x0-1 .. x0+1] RET             ;; interval")
• (eec "' [y0-1 .. y0+1] RET             ;; ditto")
• (eec "' (x-x0)^2 - (y-y0)^2 + 2 RET    ;; alt: define a named function")
• (eec "3 s t x0 RET                     ;; set x0 to 3")
• (eec "2 s t y0 RET                     ;; set y0 to 2")
• (eec "M-3 =          ;; updates topmost 3 stack values with vars substituted")
• (eec "g F            ;; draw it") needs to be run from ~/TODO, and it is very fragile. The line

  (calc) (eek "C-x 3 M-1 M-j")

will start Calc, and Calc will (usually?) make the frame display the
"*Calculator*" window at the left and the "*Calc Trail*" window at the
right. Then in the `eek' sexp the `C-x 3' splits the "*Calculator*"
window into a left half and a right half, and the `M-1 M-j' makes the
left half visit the file "~/TODO". The


resizes the windows to make the "~/TODO" window take 50% of the width
of the frame and the window "*Calculator*" and "*Calc Trail*" take 25%

    Eduardo Ochs

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